Introducing DIYnucleo A Zero Code Smart Development Platform For Community And Enterprises

Introducing DIYnucleo: A zero-code, smart-development platform
designed for the developer community and enterprises alike!

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Our DIYblockchain team consists of a group of blockchain and AI experts, dedicated to delivering consultancy services to both the developer community and enterprises. We know that blockchain development is often accompanied by tiresome hiccups when it comes to change request accommodation, on-time delivery, cost and resources, to name a few. So, we have developed the ultimate cure to blockchain development’s annoying drawbacks with our automated blockchain-development product – DIYnucleo, the BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platform!


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Blockchain As Service Platform

We understand the struggle is real when it comes to developing Blockchain solutions and accommodating change requests efficiently and on time.

That is why we have formulated a mechanism to automate the entire layer of infrastructure, protocol and smart contract until UI/UX, testing and performance layer; making DIYnucleo the supreme problem solver of Blockchain developers and Enterprises. Even better, we provide a platform of networking for industry-leading alliances and for developers to market their expertise. Developers can earn DIYcash on DIYnucleo by building solutions that deliver faster and smarter solutions.


It’s a DIY gamified zero-code development platform; simply drag and drop on BaaS to launch your applications.


AI engine suggests options while you develop your apps & helps with UI/UX, testing, performance etc.


With gamified drag and drop model where all APIs are AI enabled, it is easy to accommodate change requests on time. Time to market shrinks upto 80% with DIYnucleo.


Our DIY model welcomes enterprises and the developer community to develop solutions & then allows them a walk-away, downloadable code option. More applications make our engine faster and smarter.


  • Streamline Business Process

    Near real-time update
    Eliminate middleman
    Business process automation

  • Foster Business Collaboration

    Tamper-proof security
    Simplified cross-sector integration

  • Shifting Business Landscape

    Single source of truth
    Promote trust value
    Create business ecosystem

How DIYnucleo Solves All Your Problem.

With DIYnucleo, you will be able to understand exactly what technology can solve your business problem be it Blockchain, AI or any other in combination. Just define your business workflow on DIYnucleo and get the complete solution in no time. Contact our customer care service available 24*7 if you need any help.

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The community of developers’ main gain lies in leveraging DIYnucleo BaaS to develop efficient enterprise solutions. They do this by developing AI enabled custom APIs used to make DIYnucleo’s artificial intelligence engine faster and smarter.

In return, they earn DIYcash, which they can either encash or use towards further BaaS processes, by listing their gigs on DIYnucleo’s market place for open source technologies. The developers' community participates in forums and assists alliances with consultations.

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We are a member-led industry organisation, and our main objective is to drive the use of technology to empower all enterprises. Our alliance members are global and thought leaders, who share a shared vision to create enterprise-ready solutions.

Thanks to the developers' community and the use of DIYnucleo, our alliances can supply business solutions to their industries. We assist our alliances in identifying use cases, and we help them to develop POCs for their industry upon guidance.

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These amazing people have made it possible to stay where we are

Vishal Nigam

Co Founder, DIYblockchain

Years of experience in Blockchain Development and Architecture. Ex HCL, AT&T, Google. Vishal is global speaker on Blockchain technology.

Neha Soni

Co Founder, Nucleus

Years of experience in data science and Blockchain. Ex IBM and a budding entrepreneur. Heads sales, marketing and strategic alliances.

Forrest Harrison

CIO and Nucleo Director

CIO (Chief Information Officer) to oversee the use of Information technology (IT) in our company and devise the company’s IT strategy.

Anthony Anyanwu

Solution Architect, DIYblockchain

Years of experience in industry. Senior architect and core developer of Python. Certified IBM Blockchain Foundation Developer.

Austin Okoye

Frontend Developer, DIYblockchain

Austin has over 14 Years of experience in industry. Very good in developing user friendly frontend environment.

Sudeep Dasgupta

Core Backend Developer

Years of exp in building the core financial applications.

Abhik Dasgupta

Product Manager

Years of exp in product management from complicated financial to enterprise applications.

Bernardt Venter

Business Head, Africa

Years of exp in Business Development and Expansion.

Ronald Knott-Craig

Brand Builder

Years of exp in Branding and Marketing.


Are you an industry faced with hurdles in data security, immutability, scalability, efficiency, trust and transparency? Then blockchain is perfect for you!

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Do you have questions

Not sure how blockchain technology can help you? Wonder why you need DIYnucleo?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

DIYblockchain was a blockchain consultancy company who have worked specially on enterprise grade Blockchain solutions. But the team have faced many problems in dealing with timelines, efficiency, cost, updates in Blockchain, change requests from customers as still customers have no idea about how Blockchain will work in their systems. So, to overcome these problems, team have decided to develop a product which can automate complete Blockchain development process from start till end. Therefore DIYnucleo was introduced as the product of DIYblockchain. Its implementation is already done successfully in our many consultancy projects.
DIYblockchain has created a network of alliances to increase adoptability of the DIYnucleo. Alliances are the industry leaders who are looking for any advance technology solution and wants their business to grow fast with tech. DIYblockchain and Technical development team can help them in analysing what technology fits for their industry. Team will identify use cases with them and will make POCs for every industry to understand how technology can work in their sector.
Programmers who are working in advance technology can be part of our community where they can earn money by listing their services in our marketplace and also by completing requests of our alliance member. They can participate in forum with alliances to gain industrial knowledge. Community can work on open source projects using DIYnucleo platform to deliver quick Blockchain solutions. Now developers can quickly make ERC20 smart contract and deploy without coding anything!
Blockchain is constantly evolving, with excellent innovation and updates in it. In a not too distant future, it will become a mature technology that is applicable for any industry. By adopting Blockchain earlier, it will help increase your company’s brand recognition as being a forerunner in your industry beating all your competitors behind.